Frequently Asked Questions about MobileMe and iCloud

Bob (Dr. Mac) LeVitus Event

Last month’s MLMUG meeting enjoyed Bob “Dr. Mac” LeVitus as the guest speaker. He talked about his favorite things.

Message from Maria

Dear fellow MUGers,

Many of us still use applications that depend on Power PC Rosetta. We have to be aware that Lion OS X 10.7 will remove Rosetta. I use AppleWorks and love the database. I have never found any other like it and therefore have not replaced it.

I am going to plan to either clone my hard drive with SuperDuper! and when I want to use AW, I will be able to boot into that clone drive and use it. Or transfer the data of a couple of files to my Address book and say goodbye. Very sad but we move on!

To find out how many of your applications depend on Rosetta, go to About this Mac under the Apple menu. Click on More Info which takes you to the System Profiler. Next scroll down to Software and select Applications. In a few seconds, all your applications will be listed. Sort them by Kind at the top of the listing. You may be surprised as to how many applications require Power PC Rosetta.

Warm regards,

Maria O. Arguello Apple User Group Regional Liaison for the NE US/PMUG member

MUGSNJ does not meet anymore…This Web site will make current MUG related announcements from time to time.

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